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The Complete Saxophone Fingering Chart resource

"The only saxophone fingering chart you'll ever need!"

  • 33 videos - one for each fingering!
  • Illustrations for each fingering
  • PDF download
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"Saxophone Resources for playing and practice"

Here's a collection of resources that will help you with you saxophone playing. use the MP3 tracks with Metronome beats that will make your practice sessions a lot more fun.

There's also a list of useful links to other websites that are useful for both the saxophone beginner, intermediate and advanced player.


Saxophone Lesson: Every Piece

This  tune has an upbeat and catchy melody. You'll be learning both the melody and a transcribed solo, which will help you focus on sound, phrasing, altissimo notes as well as growling and a playing with a backing track.

The lesson include:

  • 4 Step by Step video tutorials
  • 1 Bonus video with tips and tricks
  • 2 bonus videos on Altissimo notes
  • Sheet music for alto and tenor saxophones
  • Transcribed Sax solo and basic melody
  • Custom Backing track

I cover all these things throughout the videos, so that you can go beyond "just playing" the melody. Sounding great and playing with confidence takes both practice and technique. You'll get plenty of tips in this lesson that you'll be able to translate to everything else you are playing.


7 Chapter beginner guide

  • Information about saxophones and gear
  • Learn how to position the mouthpiece
  • [FREE LESSON] includes Video, Sheet music & MP3 track
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Learn Saxophone Online

There's a lot of interest around learning how to play saxophone. As a saxophonist and educator it's really exciting to be able to help aspiring saxophone students from all over the world. There are so many advantages with the internet today and now it's definitely possible to learn saxophone online. Even if you have no experience of the instrument from before.

When I started this website I had been teaching saxophone for about 8-9 years and thought it would be a great idea to do saxophone video lessons that students can watch whenever it's convenient for them.

I started by making a couple of lessons in swedish (I'm swedish by the way), which were very well received not only by my students but other people around Sweden who found those lessons online.

Why not do this in english?

Since I have a close connection to USA and the english language in general, it was just a natural progression to start doing english lessons too. Eventually I focused on just the english saxophone lessons and the Saxophone Hub went from just a hobby project to a full scale Sax School.

After launching the premium saxophone membership, I've kept adding new lessons and resources to the website, which now has several hundred subscribers.

In case you didn't know it, there's a great community of saxophone players out there. All around the world!

The concept of being able to take saxophone lessons on your own schedule in the comfort of your own home, which is similar to the The Flipped Classroom concept, is proving to be really popular.

I'm able to help saxophone beginners and intermediate players from all over the world to learn saxophone online through the video lessons and other resources I've got for members only.

I love playing the saxophone and it has brought me all around the world as a professional musician. That joy and passion is something I always try to incorporate in the lessons I produce here.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter where you are playing saxophone. You can be a saxophone rockstar in your own living room!

It's all about having fun practicing and playing the saxophone.