Hey, I’m Greger Hillman, a Swedish sax player and saxophone teacher.
If you are looking to:

  • Get a better sound on your saxophone
  • Learn tricks of the trade from a pro sax player
  • Play those screaming high notes (Altissimo)”
  • Play smooth jazz saxophone
  • Become a better saxophone player and musician
  • Learn new songs on the sax

Or if you simply are looking to have some fun playing your saxophone…..

..You are in the right place!

I'm a swedish musician and teacher, living in Sweden with my wife and two little boys. Music plays a big part in my live and it's one of my biggest passions. I've been a working musician for the past 15 years playing saxophone, keyboards and singing in a countless number of bands.

I feel very fortunate to have been able to make a living from music for a long time. Both as a working musician and as a teacher. I've found the combination of the two to be ideal, because I love both performing and teaching music.

I've toured the east and west coast in USA, all around Scandinavia, in Europe and all the way to Azerbadjan over the years. Needless to say, I've been really fortunate to be able to see the world thanks to my saxophone.

I studied music at the University of North Texas, Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, School of Music in Piteå, Sweden, where I have two degrees in music.

As a music teacher and as a studio musician. However, those great experiences aside, the best school for me has without a doubt been working and learning the trade for real.

I always focus to bring my A-game because there's a saying that I picked up way back from a music buddy of mine which is:

You are no better than your last gig!

and for me that translates into many areas in my life.

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The idea for this Online Sax School came about several years ago. I had been teaching saxophone and clarinet for about 5-6 years after graduating from the School of Music in Piteå from which I hold a degree as a woodwind teacher and also as a studio musician.

I'd been combining being a working musician, doing plenty of touring and recording with mainly swedish and american acts, with straight up saxophone teaching in my hometown. It was an awesome time and I got to see the world thanks to my saxophone. The thrill of touring kinda went away after those years and with a growing family I wanted to be around my family more.

So, I finally decided to pursue the idea I had about a saxophone site with the purpose of charing what I've learned from close to 30 years of playing the saxophone.

The result, The Saxophone Hub, is what you see here. I've tried to give the site a clean look and make it super easy to work through the material both in the blog as well as inside the members area.