The “Flutter effect” on Saxophone


Add another effect to your bag of tricks By using the “flutter effect” you are able to create some really interesting rhythmic and sound variations. This effect can be used within a solo or when interpreting the melody of a tune. In this video lesson you’ll learn how it’s done and you’ll be able to apply it…

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How to bridge the octave gap on saxophone


The gap between the C-sharp (without octave key) and the D2 (with octave key) is one of those weak spots for most beginner and intermediate sax players. You’ll be able to hear a distinct difference in the sound between the upper and lower register when a beginner is playing. Do you sound like that too?  In the…

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[Video] Saxophone Scales for Alto Saxophone and beyond


  Well, it’s true and in this post I’m going to outline why it’s important to spend time on learning the saxophone scales. But first, let’s just clarify one thing. There’s not really any Saxophone Scales per se. These scales are equally important for all instruments and are important building blocks of music as we know…

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How to play smooth jazz saxophone


Just a little bit of background first I’ve been a great fan of Smooth Jazz ever since I discovered it back in the 80’s as a young kid. That’s when my brother brought home a cassette tape with Kenny G and I was instantly hooked. The flawless technique and amazing speed just blew me away…

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Saxophone warmup routine


As a saxophone player you know that there are always things to work on and to improve. It’s both exciting and at time tedious work to get a new technique or melody to the point where you are actually playing it and not just practicing it. Spending time on different saxophone exercises are important for…

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Types of Saxophones

The Saxophone family consist of 4 saxophone types, which cover the whole range, starting from the low baritone up to the high pitched soprano. The range is really similar to what you have in a choir. On this page you’ll learn more about the 4 types of saxophones. The Soprano Saxophone There are two types of…

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Definite Guide to Beginner Saxophone


If you’ve ever wondered: “How can I get started playing the saxophone?” “How long does it take for a beginner to learn saxophone?” “What is the best Beginner Saxophone practice routine?” “As a saxophone beginner, can I learn by simply taking online lessons?” Then you will love this resource: Beginner Saxophone: The Definitive Guide. It’s a detailed guide…

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