Definite Guide to Beginner Saxophone


If you’ve ever wondered:

How can I get started playing the saxophone?”

“How long does it take for a beginner to learn saxophone?”

“What is the best Beginner Saxophone practice routine?”

“As a saxophone beginner, can I learn by simply taking online lessons?”

Then you will love this resource: Beginner Saxophone: The Definitive Guide.

It’s a detailed guide that covers the basics of getting started playing the saxophone as a beginner and can also serve as a reference to saxophone players of all ages who need some extra guidance while practicing the sax.

Here´s what you’ll be learning in each chapter of Beginner Saxophone: The Definitive Guide:

  • Chapter 1: Beginner Saxophone  - An introduction to the saxophone, which cover basic information about reeds, mouthpieces, accessories and what to look for when buying a saxophone as well as the recommended setup for beginner saxophone students.

  • Chapter 2: Saxophone care and maintenance  - Learning how to handle and assemble the saxophone will help you to a hassle free experience with your saxophone. It's also good to know how to troubleshoot the most common issues, which also is covered in this chapter.

  • Chapter 3: Saxophone reed care and position - Handling the reeds correctly will make them last longer and make you sound better. It's equally important to have the reed in the right position, so that it will vibrate and play well.

  • Chapter 5: Saxophone Embouchure: developing good habits - Here you'll learn one of the big secrets that will help you develop a well-formed embouchure, which is critical in order to develop a good saxophone sound. It basically has to do with the way you put your mouth on the saxophone. To be more specific, it's the way you put your mouth onto and around the mouthpiece.

  • Chapter 6: How to play the saxophone - A Step by step guide to playing your first notes on the saxophone. These basic and fundamental tips cover several important aspects of playing saxophone, which will GREATLY benefit you moving forward with your saxophone studies.

  • Chapter 7: Saxophone Lessons - Take your knowledge to the next level with regular saxophone lessons. If you want to become a better saxophone player you need to put the time into practicing, so that you can keep progressing and improve your playing. There are a few ways to do this. Traditional One on one lessons, group lessons, skype lessons and Online lessons.As a bonus for completing the eight chapters I'd like to give you a free saxophone lesson online. It includes an instructional video, a worksheet and a premium backing track (background music), that you can download and use freely. Maybe you want use it for your first performance for your friends and family?

Check out Beginner Saxophone: The Definitive Guide now!



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As you can see, the definite guide for beginner saxophone is pretty massive, but that's because I want you to have all the information you need to get started on your own. The guide can also serve as a reference guide for the local high school or music school.

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Greger has been playing saxophone for almost 30 years and is a certified teacher as well as a well experienced musician. With the Learn saxophone Online website he shares his knowledge with students from all over the world. Here's more information on the Sax School.