The “Flutter effect” on Saxophone


Add another effect to your bag of tricks

By using the “flutter effect” you are able to create some really interesting rhythmic and sound variations. This effect can be used within a solo or when interpreting the melody of a tune.

In this video lesson you’ll learn how it’s done and you’ll be able to apply it directly to your playing. It does’nt work on every note, but in the lesson you’ll learn the 3 most common notes and fingerings to use with the “flutter effect”.



Maybe the best implementation of this technique - ever!

Let's check out another example mentioned in the lesson video. In the video below you will see saxophonist and funk master Maceo Parker using the "flutter effect" in a way to make his playing swing.

I'm not sure how to describe it. It's just brilliant!

Watch the video instead! You'll hear the effect at 1.32 into the video the first time.





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