Chapter 6: How to play saxophone"The Definite guide for beginner saxophone"

How to play Saxophone: Learning the fundamentals for beginners

Beginner saxophone fundamentals

As you probably can imagine by now, there are many elements that needs to come together in order to learn how to play the saxophone.

We've covered many of the important basics already in the previous chapters about saxophone reed caresaxophone embouchure and the chapter explaining the importance of a good saxophone posture.

These are all important parts of the saxophone fundamentals, that will help you improve and progress on the saxophone.

Putting things together

It's time to start focusing on getting the coordination right between the airflow, the mouth position on the mouthpiece and having the right posture while playing.

This will make ALL the difference to your progress playing the saxophone.

How to get started playing saxophone

The great thing about playing music is that it's an universal language. If you know how to play an instrument you can basically play together with anybody, even if you don't speak the same language.

Sure, it takes some practice to come to that level, but it's definitely possible. If you learn how to read sheet music you are able to collaborate with musicians from anywhere.

[Freebie] Learning a song on the saxophone

In the next chapter you can watch a video lesson as well as download the sheet music and a custom backing track. There's also a reference recording of the arrangement available, so that you can hear what to aim for.

Chapter 6: How to play saxophone"The Definite guide for beginner saxophone"

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