Chapter 7: Saxophone lessons"The Definite guide for beginner saxophone"

Saxophone Lessons

In this final chapter I want to give you a beginner saxophone lesson, complete with sheet music and backing track. Below you'll find the sheet music and backing track to "walking down", a basic tune that uses three notes on the saxophone.

You can also find tips on how you should practice the tune for best performance. These principals applies to every piece of music that you'll be working on from here on out. If you need to refresh your memory on the fingerings please reference the Saxophone Fingering Chart.

Here´s your first saxophone lesson

Let's get you started with your first saxophone lesson right now. The pdf & backing track are available for free. Enjoy!

Song: Walking down

These resources are included in the sax lesson

  • PDF worksheet
  • Backing track audio*
  • *BONUS: Downloadable backing track without saxophone

MP3 track with Saxophone

Download Sheet music & MP3 backing track

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Download the Lesson PDF and Backing track

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Here’s a short checklist with some pointers to get you started playing. First, download the PDF and print it for reference. That way you can write notes directly on the sheet music, that will help you play the song.


  • Listen to the reference recording (if available) and look at the sheet music to get a feel for the song
  • Break the song down into smaller sections while practicing. This is great way to focus on musical passages or jumps
  • Work out the notes in the first bar, looking at the position of the note on the staff and comparing it to the fingering chart
  • Work on the fingerings separately in the beginning. Without playing, just finger the notes
  • Play slowly Focus on the Air support, Fingerings and Embouchure
  • Listen and mimic the reference recording. A great way to speed up the learning curve

Alright, I get it. Maybe you don't know anything about reading sheet music yet. That's fine, you can still play this song. If you print out the music, as I suggest above, you can grab a pen and right the name of the notes above the notation.

Use the sax fingering chart as a reference.

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FAQ's about Saxophone Lessons

How much does saxophone lessons cost?

This is a common question that I  get and also see on forums around the web as well.

The range for saxophone lessons One on one are about $30-$100 an hour, depending on the skill level and experience of the saxophone teacher.

The same range applies for Skype Saxophone lessons, that you can get over the internet using your webcam to connect with a sax teacher from anywhere in the world.

There's also Online saxophone lesson programs available that will be a lot cheaper, while still keeping that same high level of quality. Obviously there are both upsides and downsides with online sax lessons which you can read more about further down this page.

The upside with online saxophone lessons

  • No scheduling needed: You can practice and play whenever it works for you, available 24/7
  • Access from anywhere: Watch the training videos, pdf:s and mp3 files from your phone, tablet and computer
  • Low cost & High quality: The average One on One lesson cost about $40-70 an hour, depending on the skill level of the saxophone teacher. Online lessons are no where close to that!
  • Support: Depending on the service you choose, you can get live or email support if you get stuck with a lesson or course
  • Steady progress: With 24/7 access you are able to maintain a consistency in your training, even if you need to switch up the practice session times due to your work schedule.

Taking saxophone lessons online

If you aren't able to find a local saxophone teacher that you can lookup for saxophone lessons you can turn to the internet. There are several services available that covers saxophone playing with different approaches. As a beginner saxophone player you need to get the fundamentals down and that has to be done the right way.

So, with that in mind I would strongly recommend against trying to find saxophone lessons on youtube for this. Don't get me wrong, Youtube is great for many things and there are some saxophone videos that are of good quality. I've handpicked a few above that are up to the standard. However, the vast majority of the saxophone teaching videos are of  poor quality. Even if there are good intentions behind those videos they do not offer the value and quality you should be expecting.

Imagine that you start by learning to play the saxophone from a series of videos that don't cover each step of the basics. Then, six months later as you've developed bad habits and have trouble with a hurting back and an aching jaw due to playing with the wrong embouchure you find out that everything you've learned so far was well..... crap!

If you are serious about learning how to play the saxophone you need to find an online sax lesson provider that offer great value and even more importantly, correct information.

The downside with online saxophone lessons:

  • Feedback: There’s no direct feedback on your performance, unless you are doing a skype saxophone lesson.
  • Internet Access: You need a internet connection to view the videos
  • Finding high quality saxophone lessons: Browsing Youtube for sax lessons won’t give you what you need to progress on your saxophone simple because of the inconsistency in quality

Things to consider for taking saxophone lessons online

Make sure you get your online training from a trusted source that clearly have experience both as a player and a teacher. Simply by being a great saxophone player doesn’t mean that a person is a good saxophone teacher per say. It takes special skills to being able to communicate in an informative and entertaining way through video.

Most services available offer some kind of get started deal, that’s affordable and let’s you try it out without having to put up a lot of money. There’s also bundled courses available on places like udemy, that will teach you specific things and techniques for playing and practicing the saxophone.

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