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Here's a selection of good resources for both beginners and intermediate saxophone players. You are welcome to use these MP3 metronome tracks freely for practicing as well as all the other goodies that's on this page.




List of Saxophone Backing tracks

I've compiled a list of high quality Saxophone Backing Tracks that work well with the saxophone. They aren't that easy to find if you do not know where and what to look for. I've put the time in to make this available for you, so that you can go straight for the good stuff!

*Please note that this is a list of tracks that you can go buy on the internet and not the actual track downloads.


No more searching for backing tracks for saxophone! Well, at least this is a good starting point for building a library of high quality saxophone backing tracks. 

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The Fingering Diagram builder

A while back I discovered a really great blog about saxophone playing by Bret Pimentel. Besides being an excellent Saxophone player and teacher at the Delta State University, he's also the creator of the Fingering Diagram builder.

I reached out to him when I recorded the 33 sax fingering chart videos as his fingering diagram would be a great addition to the project. I explained that I wanted to release this for everyone, totally free, he agreed to let me use them. Again, thank you Bret! It really made the guide more useful.

How the saxophone work?

The University of New South Wales website offer a lot of information about the saxophone from a scientific point of view. You can watch sound spectra graphs and listen to sound examples.

Maybe not for the beginner but it can still be interesting to learn a bit more about the instrument. I've been playing the sax for 3 decades, but still learned a lot from this website. Very cool!

Get Creative and learn a new skill

The Swedish based website GetTheSkill.com is a website where you can start learning a new skill. They are listing well over 500 online courses in different niches.

Jazz Saxophone transcriptions

I recently found out about a great website by Jeff Rzepiela called Scooby Sax, which has a lot of great transcriptions of jazz solos both for Alto and tenor saxophones as well as the flute.

One of the best ways to learn and understand jazz music is to transcribe and learn from the guys that came before us. These are the musicians that explored and came up with the concept of which we today refer to as Jazz music and improvisiation.

Jeff has obviously put a lot of time into making a whole series of transcriptions of famous jazz solos available and I definitly recommend that you check out the  transcriptions here: http://scooby-sax.com/Transcriptions.html


This saxophone blog by Doron Orenstein is really good if you've been playing for a while and want to learn more about new gear, experiences from other sax players and read product reviews, just to mention a few things you'll find there. Just the name gives you pretty high expectations, right?!

View the site here

Saxophone brands


Read more about Selmer saxophones on their homepage.


Read more about Yamaha saxophones on their homepage.

Aquila Sax

Read more about Aquila saxophones on their homepage.


Read more about Yanagisawa saxophones on their homepage.

Get sheet music online for saxophone at these resources:

Keep track of time and play in tune!

  • Metronomes.net - Listen and compare metronomes before you buy. The website offers metronome, tuners, Electronic Pitch Pipe sales and more from brands like Wittner, Seiko, Matrix, Korg and Dr Beat. Teacher discounts available.

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Get some good jazz records online

  • The Bebopshop - Browse and buy bebop, hardbop & classic modern jazz recordings in the online shop that's all about jazz.

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